Faith is something which grows through worship, study and living.

We offer a range of opportunities which aim to help us grow in our knowledge and love of God.

On Sundays we use either the modern Common Worship or the more traditional Book of Common Prayer. We sing hymns, listen to Bible readings and hear sermons which explain those readings. The services are between 45 minutes and an hour, and in some of our churches are follow by coffee. Come along and see what you think - we don’t bite!


Christian education - getting to grips with our faith - is an important aspect of the life of a church, and one which we take seriously. Whilst it is true that we encounter God within our services, it is also true that we can gain a clearer understanding of who God is as we study together. So it is that at Advent and Lent we run weekly courses looking at how we can develop our spirituality as well as our understanding of Christianity. In addition there are some one off sessions, often run in conjunction with the Cathedral, on various themes.

Bible Studies

The Bible is the main revelation we have of not only the story of the church, but also the character and teachings of God. The Bible is read and preached Sunday by Sunday but we also gather regularly to look at particular parts of the Bible in more detail. There is a fortnightly Bible study on a Monday evening which reads together through a book of a Bible, and once a month we take a book and go through it in its entirety over the course of two hours.


Lives these days are hectic, and it is not always possible to get to church on a Sunday morning. Also, some find it difficult to attend an hour long service, or simply prefer something quieter. On a Wednesday morning at Fownhope there is a short communion service (half an hour) at 10am, which has a short sermon but no hymns. and is followed by coffee. For many this has become their 'church'.


The church - the body of Christ - is made up of people of all ages, and so it is that we have a focus on children. There is a monthly Sunday School (St Mary's Stars) which meet at the the school in Fownhope, and also a monthly service at Fownhope on the third Sunday which is more geared up towards families. There are also opportunities for children to get involved in the other services, and even to robe up and become part of the leading of worship by serving.


The ministry of God is the task of all the people of God. There are plenty of opportunities to get involved, whether it is by serving as a school governor or member of the church's council; by joining a prayer group or becoming part of a pastoral visiting group. The idea is that everyone will have the opportunity for exercising their gifts and playing out the calling with which God has gifted them.


Although there is plenty going on within the church, we are not simply an inward looking club. We relate to the parishes in which we are set both as individuals and as a church. We have our friends, but we also hold regular coffee mornings and open doors. We support the local schools and collect for the food bank in the City. We exist for the benefit of the world around us, and pray for the places where we live.

Worship Nights St Mary's, Fownhope
First Sunday of every month at 6:30pm

This is the perfect opportunity to come along, worship, and to invite your friends to. The service is usually around an hour long, with worship lead on an acoustic guitar and keyboard, and a sermon.