The Rewarder of Those Who Seek Him

Posted on 06th May 2021 under The Rectory Bulletin | Westminster Confession of Faith

And without faith it is impossible to please him, for whoever would draw near to God must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who seek him. (Hebrews 11:6)

Here’s a thought to chew over: God rewards those who seek him. Can there be any greater encouragement to those who search for God? Is there a greater reward which can be found than that which comes from God? Here is motivation indeed!

So how do we seek him, and do so in expectation of that reward? The verse we are considering today gives us some pointers. First of all, there is mention of faith: “without faith it is impossible to please him”. It is the first stirrings of faith which cause us to seek God. After all, you would not seek someone or something which you didn’t believe exists. To acknowledge the existence of God is an important first step since so much flows from that belief. If we believe God exists, then we believe he can be found. If nothing else, a long gaze into a star-filled sky tells us something about God. The very heavens tell of the glory of God (Psalm 19).

There is more than that, though. A belief in God soon results in the the question bubbling up: how do we know anything specific about this God? Starry skies are one thing, giving us a general sense of God, but what about the specifics: what is God like? To know anything like that, we have to rely on God communicating to us and so it is that the Bible claims to be this revelation of God. A revelation made initially to the people of Israel, and then fulfilled in Christ. A revelation now made to the whole world.

The best way to seek God then, is to read this revelation. It is to pray and live in the knowledge that God exists. It is to realise that the world revolves around him, and not around you! It is a revolution in the way you view the world. All big stuff, but remember God “rewards those who seek him”.

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