Breakfast Time

Posted on 15th October 2020 under The Rectory Bulletin

Jesus said to them, “Come and have breakfast” (John 21:12)

There is something comforting about the way in which Jesus dealt with his disciples after the resurrection. There they are, seven of them, bobbing away on a boat on the Sea of Galilee, fishing. A figure calls out from the shore, asking if they have any fish, and they call back: “no”. He calls back, telling them to cast out the net on the other side, and they do just that. The result is a net so full of fish they could not haul it in. That’s when one of them recognises that it is Jesus.

Peter jumps off the boat, and makes his way to shore whilst the others sail in, pulling the net behind the boat. When they land, they see a charcoal fire ready with some bread and Jesus asks for some of the fish. Then he adds: “come and have breakfast”

All of this is a perfect illustration of the way that the Christian faith is woven through everyday life. God is not too grand for fishing, or the things with which we fill the day. What we think of as mundane is in fact the place where we can meet with God. Yes, we can be swept up with the great thoughts of God, but we mustn’t think that God isn’t interested in all aspects of our life.

After all, when Jesus appeared to his disciples after his resurrection he gave them breakfast.

Photo: Sunrise on Sea of Galilee by Ksenia Smirnova

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